Friday, February 7, 2014

The Guild of Boston Artists Trailer 2 Experience A masterpiece


Above is the 12 min. video, and
below is the interview with Paul:

        I had the privilege of observing this painting as it was created by Boston School master Paul Ingbretson over the past month and a half at his atelier where I have been training for over four years. It was a treat to see it slowly become another amazing painting by my teacher Paul, and also to witness the movie being made by a Mr. George Lambert and the artist's son Whittiker. Below are some fun shots I took during the process:
Above is the oil start 
In process

        After a long day of painting Paul, the model, and his film crew, began getting silly and set up the studio skeleton as a warning about overworking the model and not letting her eat or drink...
It was an educational experience for we studio artists, and I hope you enjoy the images and video clips! -Sandra Galda