Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Reading List for the Aspiring Boston Painter

William Paxton (1869-1941) . The Morning Paper

I like to derive my posts from whatever I am reading at the time. No doubt this would receive the approbation of both Sir Joshua Reynolds and RH Ives Gammell themselves. Their students were actively encouraged to fill up on culture and wisdom. So I set aside a little time each evening as I ride my reclining bike (stationary) or on lazy, hazy weekend afternoons while lying on the sunlit carpeted artroom floor.

Along the way, I have been making up a book list that may interest you. Tom Dunlay discovered a site online which has free downloadable publications. and has also passed on some of Mr. Gammell's required reading along with other favorites. Carl Samson, Richard Luschek and Mark Norseth have passed on other great reads. I'm always open to suggestions:

  1. Velasquez: R. A. M. Stevenson . Author: R. A. M. StevensonPublisher: G.BELL & SONS, LTD.

  2. The Training of the Memory in Art and the Education of the Artist . Author: Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran, translated by L. D. Luard . (teacher of Rodin, L'Hermitte and other famed French artists)

  3. The Classic Point of View, Six Lectures on Painting (1911) . Author: Kenyon Cox (1856-1919) . Required reading in the classes of RH Ives Gammell

  4. Eugene Fromentin, Painter and Writer, 1883 . Author: Gonse, Louis . Required Reading in the classes of RH Ives Gammell

  5. Frank Duveneck (1918) . Author: Heermann, Norbert

  6. The American Magazine of Art . 1916

  7. Background with Figures, Autobiography of Cecilia Beaux

  8. The Boston Painters . Author: RH Ives Gammell

  9. Life in the Studio (Lilian and Philip Hale) . Author: Nancy Hale

  10. Oil Painting Techniques and Materials . Author: Harold Speed

  11. The Practice and Science of Drawing . Author: Harold Speed

  12. Old Masters and New: Essays in Art Criticism (1908, c[1905]) . Author: Kenyan Cox

  13. W. Bouguereau (1900) . Author: Marius Vachon, 1850-1928 .

  14. An Article by Sumner Well: Sumner was a very important figure in FDRs administration and a best friend of Mr Gammell. A tremendous insight into the world in which Mr. Gammell traveled prior to WWI.

  15. Conversations on Art Methods by Thomas Couture

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  1. Thanks Linda, I hope to read some of the great reading material here this summer! Thanks for posting:)